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Magnolia Tree
at Harbor Walk Village


The tree was deemed a liability in the summer of 2013. The stories that this tree holds for so many people is a sacred and special place in the hearts many. Instead of removing the tree, Sculptor Marlin Miller donated his time to this project to help maintain the structural integrity of the tree and leave the roots in the ground. In 2019, the tree had to be removed as the tree began to fail over time. We will all miss this beloved magnolia tree. 

 Community Garden at
The American Legion Destin Post 296


Helping the American Legion in Destin, Florida to clear the location in the back of the building that was donated by the late Ms. Mattie Kelly. The Tank featured behind the crew in the picture to the left is courtesy of the late Ted Santucci.

Captain Leonard Destin Park

Consulting arborist for this project from start to finish. Park trees are monitored on a routine basis to ensure public safety to our residents and visitors. This project was completed in 2018. 


Heritage Trees 

Pensacola, Florida 

We offer tomograph and resistograph testing that will determine the amount of decay in your heritage trees. 

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